Schnabl Stecktechnik GmbH

The Austrian company Schnabl Stecktechnik GmbH is leader on the world market offering fasteners for quick fixation systems for electrical installations. The company has a wide range of products to meet the customer needs.

Since the end of 2014 Electro Project Bulgaria Ltd. is exclusive representative of the company's products in Bulgaria.


Schnabl Stecktechnik GmbH

Saving 60 % of your working time!

Schnabl took the opportunity to prove the efficiency of its fasteners. Under the monitoring of TÜV Austria, the work rate of pipe installation was analyzed on a construction site. The time comparison of Schnabl with traditional installation methods was carried out on identical parts of a building project.

The world leader

As the world leader in the area of plug applications for electro installation Schnabl is constantly analyzing the work flow and develops timesaving products that help the customers to maximize the profits.

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No anchors, no screws! The products

The basic principle of Schnabl fastening technology is that the fastening elements can be inserted without a tool and with very little effort into a 6 mm drill hole.

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