Fasteners for flat cables

  • UWP Dowel clamp
  • The UWP fastener make the installation of the flat cables faster and easier.

    The fastener is made of polypropylene

    Colour: white (RAL 9010)

    The fastener is on stock in different sizes:

    UWP 2 Ref: 89134306 - for flat cable 2x1.5 mm

    UWP 3 Ref: 89135306 - for flat cable 3х1,5

    UWP 4 Ref: 89136306 - for flat cable 3х2,5 mm

    UWP 5 Ref: 89137306 - for flat cable 3x4 mm

  • UWT Double fastening clamp
  • The UWТ clamp make the instalation of two flat cables in parallel faster and easier.

    The double clamp is made of polypropylene.

    Color: white (RAL 9010)

    The UWT is on stock in two sizes:

    UWТ 1 Ref: 89139306 - for flat cable 2 x 2,5 mm; 3х1 mm

    UWТ 2 Ref: 89140306 - for flat cable 3 x 2,5 mm; 4х1,5 mm

    Fasteners for round wire

    Coming soon

    • UWО Dowel clamp
    • The UWО dowel clamp helps for faster and easier building of the electrical installations.

      The material of which the item is made is polypropylene.

      Color: white (RAL 9010)

      The dowel clamp for round wires is on stock in the following sizes:

      UWО 6 Ref: 89126306 - for cables up to Ф6

      UWO 8 Ref: 89127306 - for cables up to Ф8

      UWO 10 Ref: 89128306 - for cables up to Ф10

      UWO 12 Ref: 89129306 - for cables up to Ф12

      UWО 14 Ref: 89130306 - for cables up to Ф14